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Below is a list of families whose child, ages from 3yrs and up , has died as the result of a drug overdose. The families you find here have consented to being contacted to receive and provide support in this way. Please feel free to contact as many as you would like. Every effort is made to make sure the e-mail address for each family is current. But, as it often happens, sometimes addresses change for different reasons and without notice.

If you have lost a child under these circumstances and would like to be included on this page so that others may correspond via e-mail, just complete our Pen Pal Request form.

We ask that you respect the intent of these page by contacting them only if you would like to correspond on a regular basis to support them or to request emotional support. No soliciting please.

e-mail: lightershadeofblue@yahoo.com
lost her 18yr son, Joel, on 1/26/2004 as the result of an accidental drug overdose. "I lost my precious 18 year old son to a accidental heroine/cocaine overdose on January 26, 2004. He had been fighting this drug problem for a year and had been clean for 7 months and relapsed. His death has devastated his father and myself. I feel so alone in dealing with his death which has all but destroyed me so far. No one seems to understand....not even the psychologist. I would like to correspond with other mothers and fathers who are going through this pain and despair."

e-mail: ann_connor2000@yahoo.co.uk
lost her 20yr old son, Sean, on 12/7/2001 as the result of an overdose of heroin. "My son had never taken this before and this was the first time. So they say his body couldn't take it. He was a fine, young, strong man."
e-mail: lynnebristol@aol.com
lost her 35yr old son, John, on 5/8/2003 and her 28yr old son, Dennis on 9/11/1998 as the result of an accidental overdose of heroin. "I lost two sons to this drug. My life has been changed forever. I miss my boys so much!"
e-mail: kegleykeg@aol.com
lost her 23yr old son, William, on 5/4/2004 as the result of a heroin overdose. "Our beloved son Will passed on May 4th, 2004 from a heroin overdose. We thought he had won his battle with drugs, we were oh so very wrong. We love you Will, God's peace."
e-mail: mare0653@aol.com
lost her 21yr old son, Anthony, on 5/31/2004 as the result of a drug overdose. "My son Anthony died of a drug overdose on May 31,04, Memorial Day Weekend while down the shore with his friends. Who would of thought when he left that Saturday that would be the last time we would see him."
e-mail: andil60@yahoo.com
lost her 20yr old son, David, on 9/6/2004 as the result of a drug overdose. "I lost my only child as the result of a drug overdose (Oxycontin, heroin, Xanex, valium, and beer). He was the love of my life and my every breath for 20 years. How could I not know how bad his addiction was? I don't know how I will go on without him. I hope to correspond with other parents who lost a child through drugs or alcohol."
e-mail: softhds1@aol.com
lost his 23yr old son, Joshua, on 10/6/2003 as the result of a valium and cocaine mixture. "We have set up a web site in our son's honor with some poetry he wrote about drugs. www.joshjoseph.com
e-mail: foxeldy@aol.com
lost her 23yr old son, Joe, on 10/9/2004 as the result of an accidental heroin overdose. "My son had just gotten out of a 4month rehab seven days prior to his death. I am devastated. The pain in my heart is something no parent should ever have to feel. I found him dead in his room and it has devastated myself, my husband and his sister. I miss him so muchhhh. I believe the overdose was heroin but the death certificate is pending toxicology. It would help to hear from a parent who has gone through this."
e-mail: maryjeanis@yahoo.com
lost her 19yr old son, Billy, on 7/23/2002 as the result of a drug overdose. "I am looking for someone who has been through the same thing. I feel very much alone. My grieving is done in silence. I don't have anyone who wants to take the time to listen. My Billy was a good boy. He just had some problems. I miss him so much and sometimes I don't want to go on because the pain is so bad. I need help and support and I would be so grateful for that. Please someone, reach out to me."
e-mail: supremecourts1@aol.com
lost her 21yr old son, Chauncey, on 9/4/2004 as the result of an accidental overdose of methadone, Xanax and Vicodin. "My precious son died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 21. There were three people with him but no one called 911 until he stopped breathing! I am so heart broken. It is hard to live! I was so in love with him!"
Mary Kay
e-mail: mary_kay_48@yahoo.com
lost her 31yr old son, David, on 10/2/2003 as the result of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. "I feel like no one understands what I'm going through."
e-mail: dukes327@aol.com
lost her 18yr old daughter, Katie, on 11/13/2004 as the result of acute methadone and Xanex intoxication. "Katie was 18, beautiful and intelligent. She was also 6 months pregnant with a little boy. She and her fiancée planned to marry. She was found in her bed by her fiancée who was also using the same drugs that killed her that night. I would really like to correspond with someone who can understand. The pain is overwhelming. I lost a daughter and a grandson."
e-mail: dmeade@sbcglobal.net
lost her 26yr old son, Greg, on 1/24/2005 as the result of an accidental drug overdose. "We are still waiting for the autopsy report. Greg decided for some unGodly reason to try heroin one more time. He was asleep in his room after using one bag. I checked him twice during the night. He seemed fine. When I went to his room at 6am, he was hardly breathing. By the time they got him to the hospital, he was dead. His dad and I are having a really hard time. Greg was doing so well. I blame myself because I didn't call 911 sooner. He was working and on probation. He had everything going for him. I feel like I have failed my son. I miss him so much and hope he can forgives me for letting him down. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to face and deal with. I love my son."
e-mail: dtpez@cox.net
lost her 20yr old son, Nicholas, on 2/5/2005 as the result of an accidental drug overdose.
e-mail: crachig@aol.com
lost her 28yr old son, Todd, on 1/9/2005. "I lost my wonderful son, Todd, on 1/9/2005 to an unfortunate mix of drugs and alcohol. He died peacefully in his sleep but far too young. He was a really good person. He had a son and step-daughter and was sole support for his family. Losing my son has been devastating for me. Sometimes it is really hard to go on."
e-mail: oldcoconut@aol.com
lost her 22yr old son, Jesse, on 4/16/2004 as the result of a drug overdose. "My son, Jesse, died 1yr and 3 days ago on April 16. I love and I miss him."
e-mail: craftyfox12588@aol.com
lost her 22yr old son, Adam, on 11/18/2003 as the result of a heroin overdose. "My precious son died of a heroin overdose while he was in rehab trying to overcome his addiction. I hide my pain as best I can for the sake of my younger son, but it gets harder every day. I feel I must close down this rehab as well as see that proper action is taken towards the so-called "professionals" that sent him there before another parent has to suffer as I am."
e-mail: collinssly@aol.com
lost her 23yr old son, Joshua, on 3/12/2005 as the result of an accidental overdose of Xanax and methadone. "I knew my son smoked weed and drank. I also knew he did other things but I wasn't allowed to talk to him about it. He was 23 with a great life waiting for him. He and my 19yr old daughter inherited a huge farm. My son went to bed about 11:30pm apparently fine. My daughter checked him around 1am and he was snoring. When she went in around 9am to tell him she was leaving, she found him white and cold. I knew he did pills some. I begged him not to."
e-mail: starfyre47@charter.net
lost her 27yr old son, Brandon, on 2/13/2005 as the result of a combination of drugs both legal and illegal including alcohol. "My son has been gone for over 2 months now. He seemed to be addicted to everything. I need to correspond with other mothers who have or are going through this profound hell. Can we help each other? Is there help?"
e-mail: ehampton58088939@aol.com
lost her 18yr old nephew, Grant, on 3/24/2005 as the result of an overdose of alcohol and pain medication. "Grant was a very special kind of boy whom everyone loved. My husband, his uncle, is dying soon. Grant spent many days with him after school. I know he didn't mean to overdose. He was an unhappy kid. I miss him dearly and don't know how our family will ever get over his passing."
e-mail: karwal7572@aol.com
lost her 23yr old son, Todd, on 2/7/2005 as the result of an accidental overdose. "My 23yr old son died from the combination of drugs and alcohol. After his first year of college, he came home an alcoholic. I attended Al-Anon meeting from that point on. After going to an Al-Anon meetings for four years, I am now going to support group meetings for those who have lost a child. Most of the people at these meetings did not lose their child to an overdose. Please write to me. I feel alone."
e-mail: cyandog10@hotmail.com
lost her 22yr old brother, Brett, on 6/19/2005 as the result of a heroin overdose. "My brother, Brett, was as sweet as they come. Nobody, not the people that he worked with nor his best friends ever knew he was doing heroin. I am so confused by it. I'd like to hear from anyone who is also in our situation."
e-mail: ljp41@yahoo.com
lost her 19yr old daughter, Lori, on 5/21/2005, as the result of a methamphetamine overdose. "She was my only daughter and my best friend. Please write to me."
e-mail: edennis@blueyonder.co.uk
lost her 19yr old son, Daniel, on 5/11/2001 as the result of the inhalation of lighter fuel. "Daniel was our only child. We just exist now. Did anyone lose their child this way?? I would be glad to talk to anyone."
e-mail: anthony23forever@yahoo.com
lost her 23yr old son, Anthony, on 2/7/2005 as the result of an accidental drug overdose. "My 23yr old son died in February of this year. I miss him terribly as we were best friends in addition to being mother and son. He lived in another state and when I got the call that he was dead, I cannot begin to tell what happened to me inside. I raised him alone and I feel even more alone. I have no family for support except a brother and sister-in-law. I long to communicate with others who understand what I am feeling right now."
e-mail: cnccadpros@bellsouth.net
lost her 22yr old son, Robert, on 6/29/2002 as the result of an accidental drug overdose. "My son Robby died on 6/29/2002 as the result of an accidental overdose of heroin. He was a wonderful person, He made an unfortunate choice and he is so loved and missed by all of his family and friends. I would like to talk to someone who is going through a similar situation. If I could possibly help in any way I would like to do so."
e-mail: pweeden@yahoo.com
lost her 38yr old son, Brian, on 4/16/2005 as the result of a drug overdose. "Our 38yr old son, Brian a 19 year veteran firefighter, took his life unexpectedly after suffering for 3yrs from injuries from a fire. Three surgeries didn't relieve his shoulder and back pain and he was going to have to retire--without any benefits or disability pension--or so he believed."
e-mail: johnie192004@yahoo.com 
lost her 19yr old son, Johnie on 1/23/2004 as the result of mixing drugs and alcohol. "My son unknowingly ingested another person's mother's medication along with being served alcohol. He died because he was never taken to the hospital which was right across the street from where he was."
e-mail: barbiewag@msn.com
lost her 24yr old daughter, Rita, on 7/18/2006 as the result of a drug overdose. "My beautiful Rita Mae past away on 7/18/2006 of a drug overdose. She was 24 and September 24 was her birthday. That was the hardest birthday party for her family and friends. She had a loving and outgoing personality and had a talent of making everyone around her happy. She was such a happy person but the horrific drug, heroin, destroyed my little Rita Mae. She was my best friend and I miss her so very much. My life has changed forever. I would like to talk to other parents to find out how they made it through each & every day with such a waste of life to a drug."
e-mail: anna.johnson@jefferson.edu
lost her 20yr old stepdaughter, Barbara, as the result of a heroin overdose. "My husband & I have been dealing with the loss of his daughter. Barbara was only 20yrs old and died of a heroin overdose. This has been a very difficult time for us. She passed away in March. There are some days that I can't believe that she's gone. When it first happened, I was in shock and I think disbelief and denial. I didn't want to accept the fact that she had died. It's tough talking with people who have never lost a child. Although they are sympathetic, they don't quite "get" what this situation is like. I've been told that I had to "get over" certain things. It would be great to correspond with other grieving parents who know what we're going through."
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